Wool Hybrid Fitted Diapers

Wool Hybrid Fitted Diapers

It's back!  Our Wooly Hybrid Fitted has had a total makeover!  Now featuring an identical design as our One-Size Organic Fitted Diapers but featuring a pocket opening for a wooly booster.  You get all the absorbency of the most absorbent fitted diaper with the super-power of merino as a barrier layer!  Choose from a 2-layer or 3-layer merino insert depending on your baby's size and needs.  This can be used as a complete diaper system during the daytime; at night use an additional wool diaper cover or soaker for extra protection.  This diaper is un-beatable in absorbency for nights!

Why our wool makes this diaper system special:

I get really excited to talk about wool.  You know that feeling when you have something so wonderful and game-changing to share with the world that you can hardly contain it?  That's how I feel about wool!  Wool is an incredible diapering material.  Being both moisture repellant and moisture absorbent.  Confused?  Let me explain - Merino wool is a unique fiber that repeals liquid moisture because of the way the scales of the fiber overlap one-another.  The repellant effect is enhanced by the use of lanolin.   At the same time, merino wool absorbs water vapor, for example, the moisture evaporating away from a wet diaper, into its core and holds it there.  This keeps skin dry and comfortable. Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its own weight before it even begins to feel damp.  Compare that to cotton, which can absorb 24% of it's weight and synthetics (yuck) which can only absorb 1% of their weight.  This is why wool is truly nature's perfect material for diapering!

As always, our organic wool hybrid fitted diapers are lovingly sewn by hand and our one-size design fits most babies!


*Completely organic construction - NO synthetics

*Thirsty organic cotton SHERPA + HEMP soaker - snaps at the back of the diaper, allowing air to circulate for faster drying

*Front pocket opening for wooly booster (included) or extra absorbent boosters

*Gently-felted 2 or 3 layer WOOLY BOOSTER acts as a moisture barrier

*Easy-care - Ultimate convenience coupled with natural fibers!  Simply spray off dirty diapers thoroughly with a diaper sprayer into the toilet.  Remove wooly booster. Machine wash with the following settings: COLD RINSE. WARM WASH.  Hang wool booster to dry.  Machine dry diaper on LOW.

Lanolizing is optional but does result in a better barrier layer. If you choose to lanolize your wooly booster before placing it inside your diaper you will either need to remove the booster before washing (otherwise the lanolin will wash out) or boost lanolin after every wash.

*One-size fits most babies - fold down rise, just like our OS covers

*Hybrid style - use like an AIO during the day, add a wool cover at night

*Adorable organic knit prints

Looking for everything you need to diaper full-time using this system?  Click here for significant savings when purchasing a full-time bundle!


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